Companies and Business Linking


There’s no denying that joining forces with other company can bring in some impressive benefits, it all comes down to how you do such a thing and the results can be more than interesting. Throughout the years numerous companies have managed to combine their forces and here are some of the best examples.

Tech giants

Tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Vodafone might have different goals, shareholders and interesting visions, but when push comes to shove they are more than interesting and impressive to be honest. These companies are usually not agreeing with each other but the reality is that they did join forces more than once on causes that were beneficial for them.

One of the latest join-ups took place this year actually and it was all about fighting the US and UK governments as they try to spy on private data from users. Most of these companies are alive because of the trust that people have in them so having their data snooped upon by governments can definitely lower their credibility. That’s the main reason why they teamed up, because at the end of the day it’s all about having a free market without anyone snooping upon their data, so you can easily understand why these companies have put their mutual goals in front of any competition that might be between them.

Energy companies

Six global companies, more specifically United Technologies Corp, Starwood Energy Group, Siemens, Vantage Point Capital Partners and Jabil have joined up their forces in order to launch as well as commercialize a unique technology. We are talking about a revolutionary storage technology designed to change the way how modern grids are optimized and managed.

They basically joined up in order to license, finance, manufacture and also deploy the energy storage system. It’s a revolutionary thing to do and one that can indeed bring in front astounding results, that’s for sure.


9 of the most important banks in the world including Goldman Sachs and Barclays have joined their forces with a tech based company from New York named R3 in order to create a framework that would allow them to use the blockchain technology in the local markets, a revolutionary tech with immense results if it’s implemented correctly.

There are only a few of the many examples of businesses that have manages to bring in front great results and a very good user experience. It’s all about making sure that you work with other businesses in your industry in order to obtain the best results and goals, so you should totally take your time and the results can be more than impressive. Remember that you invest your time and money in order to obtain the best results, so you should totally follow up on the idea of linking with other companies and the results will come for sure.

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